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Hello and welcome!

Irja Howie

positive birth coach & Blossom Birthing founder


Fed up of being told what to do but feeling powerless to have a say?Confused about your choices? Interested in how you can have a better birth experience than everyone keeps saying? Wanting to find ways to make sure your partner knows how to support you and doesn't feel like a spare wheel?

The fact that you are here tells me that you are already interested in taking control over your birth, conquering your fears and to have a positive experience you and your partner can forever treasure.

Indeed, the choice is not so much about whether you should do hypnobirthing or not - what could be more important than investing in making your birth experience the best in can be for you both and your baby - but to choose the teacher that most resonates with you.

I'd absolutely love to be part of this amazing journey with you, helping you blossom in birth the way you were always meant to.

What people Say

"Deciding to proceed with the course was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy. Irja enabled us to feel confident to make informed decisions and query suggestions and procedures, and also provided me with the tools to create the environment that I so wanted for my labour. Serene, calm, yet incredibly powerful and very special. I entered the experience with no fear which continued throughout, benefitted our baby and allowed my body to do what it needed to do. Irja is an incredible teacher and wonderful woman. "

Natalie and Dave

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