Our son Herbert Moses Moss arrived very late, over 42 weeks, on 28th December 2017 at 8pm weighing 9lb 1oz.


Looking back I think I can fairly say the birth was good but at the time it didn't always feel that way. We had our pool and I did labour at home but I hadn't slept or been able to eat for 12hrs so I was exhausted. 


Bertie pooed a lot in the womb so they blue-lighted us to Stoke Mandeville labour ward. I had to be tethered and constantly monitored so no more nice hot water for me - but we got through it on just gas and air and a half dose of pethidin.

I managed to avoid all the many interventions they wanted for me but did bleed a lot so had the active third stage. I also refused the epidural and an episiotomy. The midwives were good and I bonded especially with one of them who made all the difference to my experience.

                                                                      -Jemimah and Andrew

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