Sophia was due 28th Nov and I was so scared about giving birth because my previous labour was so traumatic. I had been practising my breathing every day, listened to the hypnobirthing every evening at bedtime.

The morning of the 1st of December I started to feel surges from 6am, then they gradually got more frequent and more powerful, I called Stoke Mandeville Hospital at 12:45 and they told me to come down with my bags and I told them that I was doing hypnobirthing.


When I arrived they were all so lovely, I was examined and 5cm dilated, I then went into the birthing centre they asked me did I want to call them surges and did I want them to leave me alone. They were perfect.

I had a natural birth with only gas an air for the last 10 minutes, my labour was 2hours 18 minutes. I just kept my breathing under control and with the help of Ian rubbing my back and just gently reminding me to breathe. It was the most surreal and amazing experience.

                                                                                        -Ashley & Ian

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