Postpartum nourishment for Mama - order your food package now!

When you give birth, a Mother is born too - and your body has performed the biggest miracle of all! The importance of caring for and nourishing the young mothers - so that they heal, replenish and are able to abundantly nourish their newborn in turn - has been know for centuries by ancient cultures.  As the saying goes - you cannot pour from an empty cup!

With Blossom Birthing Nourished Mama soups, broths and stews, freshly made for you and waiting for the big day in your freezer, you know that you have everything you need for healthy nourishment in the early days of motherhood.

From 2019, 2 portions of nutrient-rich superfood soup is included for all of my private clients!

My Nourished Mama packages include 2 portions of soup, stew and broth - vegetarian options available. The stew is perfect to feed hungry partners too, while the broth is a wonder food that you can either sip through the day as a fortifying drink, or use it as a handy basis for a meal by simply adding noodles and vegetables.

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