Just a note to let you know our happy news- we had our baby, a boy, on Wednesday morning! He came two weeks early which surprised us slightly but we are delighted he is here finally.


The birth was fantastic and went completely to plan! We actually attended Stoke on Tuesday evening as were worried the baby had reduced movements. Everything was fine and we got home around 10.30 after being checked over. We were both exhausted so went to bed straight away, thinking Jon had to be up early for work the next day.

I woke at 12.30 and realised my waters had broken. I had no pain or contractions at this point so I tried to go back to sleep, however I was too excited and couldn’t switch my brain off. I let Jon snooze and went for a bath and read a book, staying really relaxed. I started to have mild surges so went with them, using the breathing techniques you taught us and eventually tried to go to bed again. I woke Jon up by getting back to bed, so I told him what was happening and we thought we’d phone the birth centre to see what their advice was.


They advised me that, because my waters had broken, they needed to see me, so off we went to Stoke- fully expecting to be sent home again!

Once we were there, things really started to kick off. I applied my TENS machine and used the up breathing technique, which really got me through the surges.

The midwife examined me soon after this and told me I was only 1cm dilated and that she was concerned the baby wasn’t head first, as what she felt was quite soft and could be baby’s bottom! At this point I got quite upset at the lack of progress and concern for baby’s change in position. Luckily we quickly were scanned, which confirmed he was head down. The doctor remarked on how low the baby was and checked that the midwife was sure about me only being 1cm. This tied in with how I felt, as I knew I was further along than the midwife was suggesting.


Anyway, because I was technically only 1cm, she advised us to go home and see how things went. I declined this as I was too uncomfortable to travel Home and I honestly believed my body was telling me that I was much nearer delivery than she believed.


Turns out I was right! Soon after I felt the sensations change. The midwife re-examined me and I was 5cm and ready to go to the birth centre, I was delighted. The surges had become so powerful and strong and I was struggling to cope. I’d been offered paracetamol and codeine but had vomited and therefore not taken them.


We moved to the birth centre room, which was amazing, and I kneeled on the bed whilst the pool was filled. I felt the need to push and Jon had to run and tell the midwives to come back!


At this point I was really in the zone. I kept my eyes closed, blocked out everyone and trusted my body. Jon was amazing and stood calmly nearby, offering me water occasionally and holding my hand when things felt intense. Eventually the pool was ready and I got in. I cannot describe how amazing it felt. The warm water soothed my body and supported me, it was heaven!

I think I was in the pool for around 30-40 minutes. I kneeled against the side and let my body push baby out. This stage is an amazing memory for me as I felt very in control, very prepared and I could feel baby moving down. All of our preparation really paid off here. Eventually, baby’s head came out followed by his body. I felt down and lifted him out of the water onto my chest and I got to be the person who discovered he was a boy! That was a lovely moment- being able to tell Jon the baby’s sex.


We had some skin to skin in the pool with delayed cord clamping and then Jon held him whilst I delivered the placenta. We tried to do this physiologically, however it took quite a while so after an hour I had the injection. I was very happy to have it as I just wanted it all to be over at that point.


I feel that the birth went exactly as I had hoped. I feel amazing knowing that I did it with no pain relief and the water birth was just incredible for both baby and I.


Thank you so much for your guidance with hypnobirthing. Jon and I valued what we learned so much and I honestly feel it helped me have such a controlled and calm delivery. Jon really thought it helped him know what to expect and understand the process.

                                                                                        - Alice & Jon

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