Could not rate Irja highly enough, what a wonderful course and fantastic teacher. She made us feel calm and confident from the moment we had our first session and helped address all my fears over labour. We finished the course feeling so positive and would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends. I think everyone would benefit from this approach to labour.

Baby Jasper arrived nearly 2.5 weeks early - I decided to finish work a week earlier than planned and thank God I did otherwise he would have arrived the night I finished work!

The labour was perfect and just as planned, right up until the last moment. I was in the pool for several hours, just me, Rob and a lovely midwife with music playing and lights dimmed. The midwife commented on how calm it was and I didn't have any drugs, not even gas and air. I surprised myself with how I was very able to deal with the contractions using all the techniques you taught us and everyone was convinced I would have him in the pool.


But then I moved into a prolonged second stage labour and I just couldn't get him out. (I'm now convinced it's because I had a full bladder so couldn't push him past it!) so I ended up in theatre with spinal and forceps delivery. 

I’m convinced the hypnobirth techniques were the reason I didn’t have to ask for any drugs, it didn’t even occur to me to try the gas and air as I felt completely in control. Also even though my second stage was prolonged Jasper remained completely happy throughout and was never in any distress. 

                                                                - Kathryn & Rob

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