We've been meaning to email for days but somehow we keep being distracted...(I can't think why!) I have been so excited to get in touch to tell you all about our labour, as we could not have asked for it go any better...and it's all thanks to hypnobirthing, your brilliant course and all the work we put in! Despite all my positive thoughts and mindset, I don't think I ever thought my labour would go as it did, so we cannot thank you enough for unlocking the belief you did in us.


Things started to kick off over the weekend, and by Sunday afternoon my surges were building steadily. We'd made plans to have some friends round at lunchtime, so - fully embracing the distraction approach - proceeded as normal (cue a living room full of friends and me leaning on my birthing ball and checking out of certain conversations to focus on my breathing!) As the evening progressed, my surges continued to build, I had a bath and we created the perfect environment that we'd planned for, with candles, the affirmations and relaxations playing in the background, and we both felt really excited but calm. As we went into the night, things steadily progressed, and despite one phone call at around 3am where the hospital didn't quite think I was ready to come down, by 7am we were pretty convinced we were. I had held out as long as I felt I possibly could, but was still petrified that they'd send us home when we got there - thankfully this wasn't the case, and I was over the moon to discover I'd got to 5cm when they examined me! I felt like that was the first big hurdle accomplished, which I think really motivated me to carry on and believe I could do it. 


From there, everything happened really quickly! Thankfully it was really quiet so we got a room with a birthing pool which was a huge relief. We talked through our preferences, and had two lovely midwives (one student) who were totally on board and super supportive about all the hypnobirthing stuff, and totally put us at ease. We dimmed the lights, and Rich put some relaxing music on, and from there everything went like a dream. I got into the pool at 9:50, and Darcie arrived into the world at 11:52!!! The transition from first to second stage happened very quickly, and before I knew it I was a few deep breaths from meeting our baby and all with no pain relief (aside from a few puffs of gas and air towards the end!) To boot, I didn't even tear, and they delivered the placenta naturally too! Oh - and Rich cut the cord! We even had the midwives in tears, who both said they were so impressed and thrilled for us and that labour's like that were why they became midwives!! :-) 


All in all, the entire experience was  both powerful and empowering, magical and overwhelmingly emotional. We couldn't believe we were lucky enough to have that experience with our first child, and to have been back home with our beautiful bundle by 7pm that day! 


Thank you for giving both of us the confidence to do what we did - we are so grateful, and have been raving about hypnobirthing to anyone who will listen! It made such a difference to my entire pregnancy journey, as well as the labour itself, and was worth every penny. 

                                                                                    - Sophie & Richie

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