I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby girl Jasmin arrived a little ahead of schedule on Thursday at 00:12 weighing 6.5lbs!


My waters broke when I was 36+5 days and due to this being classified as pre-term, I had to stay in hospital and either decide between an induction or waiting 24 hours for contractions to start naturally. Due to knowing my choices and being so informed from the content of the Hypnobirthing course, i didn’t even need to consider a decision - I wanted to wait for nature to take its course. 


In the end, I had to be induced as 36 hours passed with no sign of contractions. This is where the real techniques that I learnt on the Hypnobirthing Course really allowed me and my husband to stay in control of the situation. Before anything had even started, the doctors told me that I would want an epidural, and the baby would likely have to be born using forceps. They even said that there’s a high chance that I would have to have a c-section. I stayed calm in my zone and trusted my intuition, and my husband helped me remain focused too. 


I then breathed my way to around 5cm dialated using the techniques in the book and mp3s with my husband mimicking the breathing, and then opted for gas and air. Throughout my labour the doctors kept coming into the room telling me the baby had an infection and they would have to intervene, however I kept calm, focused on what I needed to do and refused their intervention. Jasmin was born healthy and happy with no infection and I was able to deliver her naturally despite being induced, which is a massive achievement for me, as I wasn’t able to have anything else I wanted (birth centre and water birth being the 2 main things). I truly believe everything we learnt on the Hypnobirthing course really helped me to stay focused and above all know my rights and choices and led me to trust my intuition and make informed decisions. 


Thank you for everything you taught us and I will definitely recommend your course to anyone and everyone who is pregnant from now on!


                                                                    - Sharan and Harinder


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