3 reasons why my course will change your life

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I hear you. In the here and now, birth is feeling like a hurdle - the necessary evil before you can hold your long-awaited newborn in your arms. You feel conflicted, you feel overwhelmed. Previous birth trauma - and those of others shared with you - play on your mind and weigh on your chest. The system is not working for you, but you feel alone in your gut feeling for resistance.

How do I know this? Because I have been there too.

And here's another thing that I know from my experience and learnings since then: a positive, empowered birth experience is available to you, if you so choose. This is important because birth is not just one day - it is the beginning of the rest of your life as a parent. How you set off can have a significant impact on how that journey begins - and how it unfolds.

Here are 3 core values, that define my services:

  • A mindset focus. Your mindset - i.e. your beliefs about birth, your framing of past experiences, your self-confidence, your attitude towards authority etc - determines 90% of a positive, empowered birth experience, regardless of how it unfolds. Understanding the power of the mind, unpicking and repacking what this means for you, is a magic bean of life skills that will serve you whenever you are faced with difficult decisions or new situations.

  • Guiding, not telling . I won’t teach you to birth, or tell you when x happens y will follow, and then z - because these are hospital processes that talk to the average. They are not about you as an individual. I will teach you what you can expect and how to always be part of the decision-making process so that what happens and what happens next is always a choice you understand and that you make from an informed place. You will gain a profound understanding and confidence in your innate wisdom and ability to birth. Reconnecting with your instincts - your gut feeling - is a powerful gift that keeps on giving if you let it.

  • Your dignity and wellbeing. The number of times I’ve heard (and was told myself) that when you are in labour you leave your dignity at the door - and that safe mum & baby is all that matters...it makes me want to scream, it’s so wrong. Valuing yourself and your wellbeing - which isn’t at the expense of safety by the way - is a huge part of a positive and empowered birth experience. This mindset of caring about your own needs - not just those of others - will give you a solid grounding for a positive start into motherhood.

It takes courage to take responsibility and positive action in this way instead of surrendering to the status quo and burying your head in the sand. Are you ready to take the leap?

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