Antenatal courses - which one to choose?!

Updated: May 11, 2018

You are pregnant, congratulations! It is all new and exciting - probably a little overwhelming. Booking onto an antenatal class seems like the perfect idea to get to grips with all there is to know about pregnancy and birth...but which one to choose?!

Woman trying to make a decision about which antenatal course to choose

There's the free NHS antenatal classes. I remember thinking with my first pregnancy - it's FREE, why would I go for anything else?! And yes, it was ok and information-wise covered the most salient points of birth in a medical environment. Not being a Brit myself I wasn't aware of the British institution that the NCT classes are...So many choose NCT as the no-brainer option to buy yourself a new group of friends who live locally and are at the same life-stage as you - a huge boon of a support network during the maternity leave bubble! There is no doubt many make lifelong friends from this course.

But what about birth itself? What is the best course to prepare yourself for a great birthing experience? The NHS classes are free (but for sure did not prepare me for childbirth) and NCT classes may help to keep you sane once you have had your baby thanks to your new friends. But if you want to know how you too can join the growing numbers of women having wonderful birthing experiences - a far cry from the screaming emergencies and medical drama we always see on TV and in films - look up a KG hypnobirthing course near you. I did a hypnobirthing antenatal course with my second baby, and the contrast in how I felt about giving birth and consequently how I experienced it second time round was incredible. Thanks to hypnobirthing I felt calm, in control and did not require any drugs giving birth to my daughter. KG Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal preparation that:

  • gives you a profound understanding of your birthing body - how you have everything already in place for a positive birthing experience if you just allow it. Birthing isn't something you is something that happens.

  • helps you release your fears and anxieties - start looking forward to birth!

  • teaches you relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and comfortable in labour

  • empowers you to take responsibility for your baby's birth by making informed choices that are right for you

  • gives you practical tips to achieve a comfortable birthing experience

  • empowers your birthing partner to support and protect you - they are not a helpless bystander!

Nobody can promise you a perfect birth, but I can help you have a positive birthing experience you can look forward to and look back on with joy - no matter what path it takes. Ask me any questions you still have about hypnobirthing.

Woman trying to make a decision on an antenatal course

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