Top 5 hypnobirthing myths BUSTED

Hypnobirthing is becoming more mainstream with celebrities and even royalty leading the way. But too many are still put off - for the wrong reasons.

It's a bit woowoo, nicey nicey, airy fairy

For many people hypnobirthing at first glance falls into the same category with crystals, angels and at a push homeopathy; nice, fluffy idea that might have some truth in it, but only slightly cuckoo or totally hippy people really believe.

The truth is that hypnobirthing is in fact based on logic and evidence.

This is the biggest light bulb moment in the first session of a KG hypnobirthing course for the sceptics - often the dads. Once they gain a true understanding of the natural birthing process and the interlinked power of the mind, they are fully on board.

It's not for me because I want a hospital birth, just in case

Hypnobirthing is for everyone, however or wherever you plan to give birth.

At the heart of KG hypnobirthing is informed choice.

The most important thing for a positive birthing experience to happen is for the birthing mother to feel safe and listened to. For those of us for whom a hospital feels the safest place to be to give birth, then that is where they should be.

I heard someone who did hypnobirthing say it didn't work because giving birth still hurt.

Nobody can promise anyone a pain-free "perfect birth" - if they do they are charlatans and you must run for the hills.

Every woman is different, every birth is different - and we all have different pain thresholds too. There is no doubt however that using hypnobirthing techniques will make you more comfortable, as you will be allowing your body to birth (not fighting it) and you'll be less likely to require medical intervention. For some women, this means a pain-free birth.

Hypnobirthing is against the medical profession

KG hypnobirthing is recognised by the Royal College of Midwives - many midwives now train in hypnobirthing themselves.

KG hypnobirthing works together with the medical profession not against them!

We do encourage couples to do their homework so that they can ask their caregivers the right questions and then proceed to make the right, informed decisions for them - and where necessary stand their ground should evidence and a risk/benefit assessment support this.

Birthing is first and foremost a natural event, and, if allowed to proceed undisturbed, in the vast majority of cases does not require medical intervention.

We are extremely lucky to have access to obstetricians' expertise when emergency calls for it.

There is no point in hypnobirthing with a C-section

Hypnobirthing is very beneficial for Caesarian births too - whether planned or emergency.

The techniques will help mum and dad stay calm and will contribute to a gentler experience for everyone, with all the right hormones flowing for a best start.

Hypnobirthing techniques are life skills that will not only help young parents have the best birthing experience for them, but to also negotiate the new world that dawns with the arrival of their new baby.

Do you have a niggle about hypnobirthing that didn't get answered? Drop me an email!

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