What if...Giving birth was nothing to worry about?

Pregnancy takes up to 42 weeks - this can be a rollercoast of emotions, with plenty of time to dwell on anxious "What if....?" questions. Amidst the frantic googling and many hours spent on mums' networks and blogs the amount of information can appear overwhelming - how to decide what is the "right" thing to do to have the best and safe pregnancy and birth?

Magical door opening to rays of sunlight

Many will instinctively feel drawn to a more natural birth but fear for what might happen if something went wrong; just in case it surely is best to be in a medical setting? What if seeking a positive experience is frivolous and selfish - and at the expense of safety? Others have their heart set on maximum drugs or a C-section to avoid pain. But what about the side effects on the baby? What if there are complications? What if I feel like a failure? Then there is the majority who put their faith in the system ticking the boxes as set my the medical profession, because we are conditioned to accept their authority. They make us better when we are unwell or hurt - therefore they will make everything ok when it comes to giving birth. But what if what they are saying doesn't feel right? What if I'm not being listened to?

Let's just stop and think about it for a moment.

Giving birth is the most natural bodily function of a female human body and an involuntary reflex. In doesn't require any "doing" on our part to happen.We know how incredibly clever and well-designed nature is - and full of miracles too. This is true of the birthing body; you have everything in place to give birth safely and in comfort. Allow the magic to happen by following your instincts and

  • seek a place where you feel safe

  • go within and let your primal self to take over

  • let your partner protect you from disturbance

It is time to release your fears and realise that you were made to do this.The biggest "what if...?" to consider is "What if we could have a wonderful birthing experience?"If you trust yourself and make informed choices that feel right for you, the other, negative "what ifs" lose their relevance. And if it sounds easier said than done, a KG hypnobirthing course will give you all the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to be the confident goddess of a mama that you really are. Find our more about Blossom Birthing hypnobirthing courses on my website, or get in touch to ask any questions!

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