Why hypnobirthing is worth every penny

I'm hearing so many people ditching the idea of a hypnobirthing course because it's too much money.

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Don't get me wrong, I hear you; it feels like you are haemorrhaging money already with the cots and the buggies and the car seats. And you might think hypnobirthing is a "nice to have" not a "must have", and therefore that £250 is better spent on something else.

That is where I'd like to stop you, right there!

For a bit of perspective, would you have spent £250 on something that would have made sure your wedding day was a happy occasion, memorable for the right reasons? Did you spend that much money (and much more) on things that you could have got married without, but that you really wanted to make the day feel special and right for you?

Consider this: the moment you give birth is the moment a mother and a father are born and your lives are changed forever in a fundamental way. It is hands down one of the most epic experiences of your life - it will be you at your most visceral, primal, strongest and most vulnerable. Your experience of childbirth will be a significant factor in shaping your experience of early parenthood, as you adjust mentally and physically to your new reality.

Going into hospital, unprepared, will give you a birthing experience shaped by hospital protocols and a medical perspective. You are one in dozens, hundreds, thousands, to go through those doors to deliver your baby.

Only YOU can give yourself the individual, positive, safe birthing experience that is right for you and your baby. One that you will cherish in your memories.

Hypnobirthing isn't just about relaxation - it is learning about WHY it is so important. You will gain a profound understanding of birthing, allowing you and your partner to be liberated from your fears.

Importantly it is about informed choices too; learning how to make sure you are a part of the decision-making process, understanding why the medical process around birth is what it is and how you fit into that.

And dads...thanks to hypnobirthing NOT helpless, anxious bystanders, but confident birth partners who know exactly how to support their wives and girlfriends during this beautiful time.

I have given birth to one baby without hypnobirthing and one with. The regret, questions, sadness and even anger around things that happened with my first birth still remain a painful spot in my heart - just as the empowering joy of my hypnobirth continues to give me strength and pride.

Sure, you can just pick a hypnobirthing book and enjoy some relaxations during pregnancy - just what I did in fact with my first. It's lovely, but to be sure it sticks so that you don't freak out when you go into labour (or think you do, like I did), a course will help you be much better prepared. The benefits include an ongoing support, your partner sharing the journey with you and in-depth tips and insight tailored to your needs.

So. £250/couple for a group course, a tenner/hour per person.

As a one-off investment that will impact the rest of your life, you couldn't spend it better. If you still don't believe me when I tell you it really is worth every penny, check out some of these hypnobirthing testimonials from my lovely Blossom Mamas.

Ready to invest in a wonderful, positive birthing experience? Get in touch

- I can't wait to be part of this amazing journey with you!

Happy to offer payment plans.

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